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JK-Botti 1.44-beta Src Code Unofficial WIP
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Default JK-Botti 1.44-beta Src Code Unofficial WIP - 11-09-2016

Hello I don't know if anyone who are reading this could maybe cooperate but I was hoping someone could maybe point out some errors or mistakes I made with this JK-Botti src code that I'm altering for supporting DMC.

I extracted some of the bot_start.cpp from HPB for allowing bots to start as JKB doesn't allow bots to use "_firstspawn" command as the DMC MOTD requires the bot to "click" [OK] on the MOTD caption, as HLDM and Op4DM doesn't require the for MOTD to clear for movement and to spawn for the bots.

I did some experimenting and added the entities and bot_weapons for DMC but I'm stuck on the bot_start.cpp part as I'm not a C/C++ professional. This current src code zip contains a GCC compile error from bot_start.cpp saying:

bot_start.cpp: In function ‘void BotStartGame()’:
bot_start.cpp:38:48: error: could not convert ‘(const char*)"_firstspawn"’ from ‘const char*’ to ‘edict_t {aka edict_s}’
     FakeClientCommand("_firstspawn", NULL, NULL);
I've tried nearly everything else I could solve this problem. I got the src code for JKB 1.44-beta WIP for those who like to adventure on recoding this source scripts.
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