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As I was flying my apache today in DC, I noticed how beautiful the game looked, and I only have a FX5200. I think an outdoor engine type is a much better choice.

When you play a game, especially a game with really good graphics, you immerse your self in the game universe. With a game like CS, all the maps are pretty closed in and limited, and it gives a feeling of crampedness. While this is good for a game that requires quick reactions and lots of tension, this gets quite strenuous after prolonged play. I find I can only play CS for so long without getting a bit claustraphobic.

In a game like BF1942, the maps can be huge, and this creates a feeling of openness and freedom. Now yes, if you get stranded beside burning wreckage of a helicopter in the middle of nowhere, it can get lonely running for 10 mins back to a vehical. So there is a balance, but I think you could incorperate them both into one engine, maybe even into the maps themselves.

So my suggestion is to choose an engine that leaves your options open. I am not familiar with what the capabilities a BF1942 type engine has, but I'm sure you could somehow incorperate the two of them together to create options and balance.


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