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Re: POD Bot mm V3 the latest released build
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Default Re: POD Bot mm V3 the latest released build - 11-07-2012

The latest release - V3 Build 22

+Added the code to prevent bots looking up or down for no reason.
+Added the new cvar - pb_firsthumanrestart (0 stops the function added in V3B21 - when the first human joins the server and there are some bots already playing there - the round is restarted). Now this function is off by default. You can switch it to on by changing the value from 0 to 1.
+Added code to let the bot reload the weapon at round end (if the bot doesn't see any enemy that time).
+FIXED - the vip bot shouldn't hunt the enemy anymore.
+FIXED max clip for tmp (now is 30 like it should be).
+Added code to prevent bots loose too much ammo while shooting at the wall (they should fire at the wall less now).
+Changed - when the bomb is planted, CTs shouldn't be so much scarried now (so they shouldn't overuse the task seekcover) - thus they are more hurry in defusing the bomb.
+Added more info to the log file about saving (or not) pxp and pvi files.
+Added - bots are buying also the secondary weapon now (especially when they have a sniper or a shield).
+FIXED bots are hunting the teamnate when he was attacking him - now the TA revenge takes only 1.5 sec after TA (the bot gives some damage only instead fire until kill the team attacker).
+FIXED team specific waypoint are now really team specific (before it was fixed for offensive and deffensive goals, now bots should really take care about their team specific waypoints).
+FIXED planting and defusing the bomb problem (bots sometimes were stopping to plant / defuse the bomb when they have seen an enemy, but they didn't switch to better weapon to fire at the enemy).
+FIXED infinitely switching the weapon between the sniper and the pistol.
+FIXED chicken and zombie bots camping (now they will no longer camp - except they need to hide because of low health).
+FIXED invisibility not working for an invisible player using a knife.
+FIXED problem reported by mhanor (bots with the skill lower than 100 shouldn't infinitively get their crosshair to the hell when the enemy is no longer visible). That should help a bit also with bots looking up and shooting into the sky.
+FIXED another bug with bots looking at the sky for no reason.
+FIXED problem with a bot shaking when its enemy is hiding behind an obstacle.
+FIXED problem with bot getting stuck with each other (because of wrong
initialisation of model (thanks to IMMORTAL_BLG).
+FIXED bug with executing task spraying logo while debuggoal index has been set to something different than -1 (bots should get that WP as its goal - spraying logo task wasn't working in that case).
+FIXED problem with breakable - bots sometimes didn't break the breakable
obstacle in its path (the code to unstuck was starting too early in some
cases - before checking if there is a breakable blocking the way of the bot).
+FIXED bug with bots spraying ammo too much at the wall/obstacle (now they do it much less).
+FIXED bug with bots looking at the sky while planting the bomb.
+FIXED bug concerning to bots buying nightgogles if it's unnessesary.
+IMPROVED bots aiming at moving targets.
+FIXED bug with bots not switching to the "normal" weapon while planting the bomb when they can see the enemy (to do - exclude the situation if the best bot's weapon is a knife - i.e. if the clip of primary or secondary weapon is empty - switching to the knife while planting the bomb helps nothing).
+FIXED bug with bots looking sometimes in stupid directions (i.e. at the wall instead at any open surface) while camping after planting the bomb or camping at other WP without a camp flag. Now they should choose a better camping direction in such situations.
+FIXED bug with "meta unload" function (thanks to IMMORTAL_BLG).
+FIXED problem with not working darkness checking by bots on linux servers (thanks to IMMORTAL_BLG). Now - because of the new code - bots are using flashlights (and also nvg) also on linux servers.

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