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Re: PodBotmm on 32 Bit AMD?
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Default Re: PodBotmm on 32 Bit AMD? - 13-04-2010

OK, this requires a new posting:

I downloaded wget and tried it:


I am testing further ...

Edit: It works on all 4 servers!


Edit2: Only generally:

I get constantly get "SZ_GetSpace: overflow on SVC_RuleInfo" messages and when running those bots.
Also, occational server-restarts ...


JoeBots on CS 1.5 (HL1) UWC3:

6 Joebots, that go down by one for each human player ...
So you can play against 5 bots on UWC3!

The server runs with both Saved and Fast XP!

JoeBots play as CT all the time ...

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