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Re: POD Bot mm V3 the latest released build
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Default Re: POD Bot mm V3 the latest released build - 30-10-2006

V3 Build 16b

Here is the list of changes between V3B15c and V3B16b:

+ Changed - Bots shouldn't make bots-towers on ladders anymore (they test all the ladder right now - not only
if the current WP is used by another bot - like it was before).
+ Changed - the creation of the visibility table doesn't lag the server anymore.
+ Fixed - the WP editor - now You should more easy and more precisly point the WP You want to manually make
the path connection.
+ Fixed problem with hostages (bots ignored them a lot instead pickuping them).
+ Changed the behavior of finding goals (it was too much randomized - almost not related to the current
bot "feeling" - now the weight between random and "feel" choice of the goal is changed more to
the "feel" - twice more than random). So now they should focus more on the "mission".
+ Fixed another problem with hostages (few times pickuped by a bot the same hostage).
+ Fixed (my) mistake in the waypoint editor - now when You point some waypoint - the manual path connection
will be done with that pointing WP. If You have sme trouble with pointing a WP - just try to point
the middle of its height.
+ Added 2 new cvars requested by Austin: pb_bot_quota_match and pb_bot_join_team.
+ Added - You can set the debuggoal index from the WP menu from "Options". On the same page You can switch it off.
+ Added the new cvar pb_ffa which swiches to on the Free For All mode (bots will kill also their teamnates).
+ FIXED problem with throw flashbang at round start at cs_militia.
+ Approved a bit unstuck code at round start (still not perfect yet.
+ FIXED - they should look at the wall less (again).
+ Changed - bots should be harder now (requested by a lot of people).
+ FIXED usage of time frame interval value in the code (to predict the position of the enemy in the next frame or so).
+ FIXED and re-written bots hearing stuff (bot are affected by their own-sounds, are affected also by sound of teamnates and also the distance froom the source of issued sound to the bot has the influence for this what the bot can hear.
+ BOTS will shoot more often through the wall (because of the fix above)
+ Fixed - for pb_bot_quota_match parameter the spectators or team unnasigned human-players aren't counted.
+ Fixed problem with breakables the bot is trying to pass because the waypointer made the connection through it.
+ Changed - The values of cvars are taken as pointer members now (the addresses-pointers are cached at
the initialisation of the vars, then - instead using CVAR_GET_FLOAT (which is taking too much time)
there are used the values addressed by these pointers to the cvars (main idea taken from AMX MOD X - thanks BAILOPAN)
+ Changed - Bot should look at the head of the pickuping hostage instead of his stomach...
+ Changed aiming system to make bots harder again
+ FIXED bug with shoving/pushing hostages intead pickup/use them by bots
+ Changed the system of finding bombs by CTs (before they were trying to go the closests goal WP, then they were
choosing randomly another one; currently if they chose some goal WP and they are near it and they cannot hear the bomb,
they check some farer away goal WPs - to prevent visit for example 5 goal WPs at the same bomb site if they cannot hear
the bomb at that bomb site).
+ Changed - Bots should camp a bit more often instead rush all the time (again).
+ FIXED - Bots aim better the moving target.

Some hints about aiming has been taken from yapb, but yapb still is harder especially because of unrealistic super hearing system (they own even CZERO bots, so if they beat podbot mm - that's normal )

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