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Re: How to make AMX / ClanMod weapon restrictions affect bots?
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Default Re: How to make AMX / ClanMod weapon restrictions affect bots? - 02-07-2004

It is not possible (well, not directly possible) that another plugin's restrictions affect the bots, since the bots are themselves a plugin. It's the way metamod works. Metamod provides hooks for functions of the game by sitting between the game DLL and the engine and intercepting calls back and forth. When a player fires up a buy menu, metamod can intercept this call because it's a call coming from the client DLL (hence coming from the network), received by the engine, and passed forth to the game DLL. Metamod intercepts it here while it comes from the engine and goes to the game DLL. But bots call the functions directly in the game DLL, since they are at the same level as metamod ; this call isn't emitted by the engine and thus does not pass through the normal way. There's no straightforward way metamod can intercept bot calls.

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