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nicolas44 21-08-2012 16:51

PB_mm settings
Hi,i cant set the bots skills..
Ive set the minimal skill to 1 and the maximal skill to 20...and reloaded the server,BUT its always 100...wtf?! :D

KWo 22-08-2012 08:29

Re: PB_mm settings
What do You mean by "relaod the server"? If You are just reloading the map (without stoping CS/CZERO on te server) none of changes in podbot.cfg are affecting the game playing. To affect the game You have to stop the server and restart it or just write manually Your settings in server console (then reload the map).

buktor 23-08-2012 19:32

Re: PB_mm settings
I understand you want to change the skill bots, Sorry if I write wrong - the fact that I am now writing a translator am originally from Ukraine

SpokY 31-12-2012 16:44

Re: PB_mm settings
i try to change the bot details and ping.

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