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iluvbot 18-12-2011 18:31

there is a bot aiming system bug
hi ,there is a bot aiming system bug :
when i keep shooting ( not release fire button) ,the bot seems wait for me to release ,so i can kill him by this way
( i try set pb_aim_type 4 ,3,2,1 ) (i usually set to 4) but this still happens
this happens to all podbot clones : yapb , epod

KWo 19-12-2011 21:02

Re: there is a bot aiming system bug
Please make a test - take a M249 weapon and start fireing at the bot (until You kill him or Your clip is empty). If You are right, everytime You should kill the bot (without getting killed by him), because it should wait until Your clip is empty (as You wrote).

iluvbot 20-12-2011 16:36

Re: there is a bot aiming system bug
i 've just tested :
not everytime but
when i shot (and pains him before he can action , then keeping my fire,

in most case (about 80-90%) the bot get killed ,especially in not very long distance , i usually not lose hp (or lose only about 20 hp)

i die when he is too far or when the bot shoot (and pains me) before i fire, this case although i keep shooting ,if my shoot can't pain him => i die
almost time i can kill him by this way , maybe because i'm play with them for a long time

so i think it's better if the bot aiming system become more rich and always auto switch between aiming types

when i keep shooting he get pains ,if i release the fire , he shots and pains me immediately
( i set MIN_DELAY 0.06
(this still happens when i set bot to godlike
another question, increase TURNSPEED will make bots look around more frequently and more chance to detect enemy ?

2. it says that turnspeed is the degree in frame bot look around ,isn't it ?
i set fps_max =60 (in my listenserver) now i leave :
could you please give me an advice to change this value to make bots better ?
is there a max value of them ( i mean if we set these > this max value, it won't give bot more chance to see enemy)

KWo 20-12-2011 20:46

Re: there is a bot aiming system bug
Settings from the botskill.cfg file are used only for the pb_botaim_type 1
For the default setting (4) - there are settings in podbot.cfg file. They are started with "pb_aim_xx" (just below pb_aim_type). pb_aim_spring_stiffness_x and pb_aim_spring_stiffness_y are affecting the bot turning speed the most. You have to find out by Your-self the best settings for Your needs.

Immortal_BLG 21-12-2011 13:13

Re: there is a bot aiming system bug
All this probably because of punch angle compensation (BotDoFirePause()). When you attacking bot, his punch angles increases and he waits untill punch angles will move down, and only then bot will shoot at you.

Sorry for bad english, hope that luvbot understand me clearly.

iluvbot 21-12-2011 18:13

Re: there is a bot aiming system bug
yes, i think i understand, thank you ,Immortal_BLG
i hope this will be fix :)

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