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jeefo 21-07-2014 14:36

YaPB2 Updates

Yes, 2.55b is a fail. Buggy, laggy, crashing here and there. So i decided to release updated version for YaPB. Let's say 2.6 :)

Here's the current changelog:


Cleaned up the source code a bit, removing all "engine-independent" stuff.
Fixed bot booting on newest releases of CS 1.6 and Czero.
Added back support for CS beta 7.0 to 1.5.
Fixed much of crash bugs that was available in previous releases.
Fixed building and using bot under Linux HLDS.
Added support for Linux and OSX listenservers (both metamod & standalone).
Bot can now be unloaded via 'meta unload' at anytime. (thx immortal_blg).
Fixed bot's won't do their goals (planting bomb/rescue hostages).
Improved a little bit shield use. (borrowed code from this forum).
Fixed cycling chatter messages.
Fixed reliable channel overflow for clients on hlds with bots.
Fixed button usage. (thx immortal_blg).
Fixed empty weapons switching bug and reload too fast.
Fixed CT's bots won't to complete bomb defuse task.
Improved a little bot's grenade usage.
Fixed tkpunish. Bot's will not punish other bots now.
Fixed too shaky bot aiming, when shooting at enemies.
Maybe something more...

If anybody alive here now, feel free to post requests. Current changes will be posted next week.

Whistler 21-07-2014 15:50

Re: YaPB2 Updates
cool :)

jeefo 28-07-2014 10:31

Re: YaPB2 Updates
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ok, some more


Fixed bot's escapes from bomb too early.
Fixed bot's stuck in each other (thx immortal_blg).
Added waypoint autodownload from db with 6900 waypoints (controlled via yb_waypoint_autodl_enable cvar).
Fixed multiple memory leaks.
Bot's now always use A* pathfinder.

Attached the latest dll. Full release will come by the end of this week.

jeefo 29-07-2014 18:51

Re: YaPB2 Updates
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Can anyone test OSX version ?

jeefo 30-07-2014 16:54

Re: YaPB2 Updates
Sourcecode: https://github.com/jeefo/yapb

Never tried Github before, there will be (maybe) some mistakes in usage of git. Don't bother.

Linux Playtest Server: @ 1000fps, seems to new msec calc from jkbotti solved bot freezing when running 1000fs servers

Immortal_BLG 11-08-2014 13:36

Re: YaPB2 Updates
BTW you have not forgotten about "THIS"? :)
I'm glad to see you here :)

jeefo 11-08-2014 22:31

Re: YaPB2 Updates

Originally Posted by Immortal_BLG (Post 66052)
BTW you have not forgotten about "THIS"? :)
I'm glad to see you here :)

well it was attempt to make podbot cross-engine, i haven't time to complete it, so i reverted to 2.51 version to make final release. :)

I'm glad to see that someone alive here too :)

The Storm 11-08-2014 22:56

Re: YaPB2 Updates
I'm alive too. :P

Whistler 12-08-2014 18:44

Re: YaPB2 Updates
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works like a charm under Mac OS X 10.10 Developer Preview :)

jeefo 20-08-2014 20:11

Re: YaPB2 Updates
Great! I will release finals next monday.

And will update bot as i have time to do it.

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