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SpokY 31-12-2012 14:54

pb_detailnames not work

i have install the bots and there working perfectly, but when i change the setting:

pb_detailnames to "0"

it does not change... still have BOT at the name, and this pb_latencybot 1

dont work, too.

what happend?

thanks a lot.

KWo 31-12-2012 15:16

Re: pb_detailnames not work
This is not a bug. If there are already some bots added to the server, their names aren't affected by pb_detailnames setting. It will work for new bots, when You will add them after changing this setting. About pb_latencybot - that one should be set in podbot.cfg. Probably it works the same way as pb_detailnames does - for new added bots. Check this one, please.

SpokY 31-12-2012 15:21

Re: pb_detailnames not work
Hey, thanks for your answer.

I have changed this befor i have start pobbot on my server.
I have change now the map, bots are joining, self problem, i have kick one and add a new bot, still BOT and something.

Thanks !

KWo 01-01-2013 16:36

Re: pb_detailnames not work
Write in the server console:
meta list
and copy here the output.

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