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Kitire 21-08-2005 05:56

Metamod help.
Okay i know this isn't the metamod forum but it didn't have one =/. First of all whenever i download Metamod and extract, all i get is a .dll.. In the readme it sais you are supposed to edit a file in there, right? Also i have no addons folder in my RVK Folder =/. I am using Steam with it but i might try it with WON, the reason i haven't done it yet is that i don't think it will make a defference.

AzShadow 21-08-2005 09:31

Re: Metamod help.
This isn't the best place to ask something because Akz doesn't read this forum anymore.

But I'll try to help you.

1) Create 'addons' folder in pvk folder.

2) Create 'metamod' folder in addons folder.

3) Create 'dlls' folder in metamod folder and put the metamod.dll there. I don't know if you have the right metamod because PVK needs a specific one.

4) Create 'plugins.ini' in metamod folder and write there 'win32 grogbot\grogbot_mm.dll'.

I'm not an expert with this but I just told you what I had done. If you don't get it to work then it would be wise to ask help from other forums than GrogBot. :)

Kitire 21-08-2005 09:42

Re: Metamod help.
Would help if you told me which one you have =/.

AzShadow 21-08-2005 10:10

Re: Metamod help.
You mean .dll? I have the PVK one of course. I have no idea where to get it though 9_9

Kitire 21-08-2005 10:34

Re: Metamod help.
.. Could we speak on MSN or Yahoo? If that is okay with you. I have to go to bed soon though. 2:40am =/.

AzShadow 21-08-2005 11:04

Re: Metamod help.
I don't use any of those. But you can contact me from IRC @ QuakeNet.

Kitire 21-08-2005 19:31

Re: Metamod help.
Oh.. Forgot about bot-united chat :l.. Want to use that?

Kitire 22-08-2005 23:48

Re: Metamod help.
I am tired of this horrible support on these bots i keep getting, why don't you do it like realbot and just screenshot what the folders look like.. That way i don't have to keep wasting my time checking up on this site every hour seeing if my folders are write -.-..

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