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tschumann 04-06-2016 09:33

template vs normal
So what's the deal with the HPB bot template? It seems to work but has less features than HPB bot (like no waypoint navigation) but it seems to be more maintained. They also seem to differ in some ways, like some function signatures are different.
I thought I'd picked the one with waypointing (I didn't) then tried to backport the waypointing into the template, but then thought maybe I should just use HPB bot rather than making a mess of the template, but HPB bot just crashes straight up and has no Debug build profile.

Anyone have any idea why the two exist?

The Storm 04-06-2016 14:46

Re: template vs normal
The template is used as a starting point for new bot development. It contains only basic features, required to help new developer to get around more easy. Thats why it is called template. :)

The other one is just normal HPB_bot fully functional release.

tschumann 07-06-2016 14:10

Re: template vs normal
Ah, I was a little frustrated to find that that logic was missing - thankfully copying BotFindWaypoint, BotHeadTowardWaypoint and all the functions in waypoint.cpp seemed to be enough.

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