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CS1.6 01-07-2010 07:48

cant use custom AV

Upload failed due to failure writing temporary file.
200 x 200

Ancient 01-07-2010 16:58

Re: cant use custom AV
When uploading, the server makes temp files and then moves it (after it is fully uploaded) to the appropriate folder.
My guess is the folder had it's permissions changed when the forum was updated (a long time ago).
The same message appears when trying to put an attatchment onto a post.

If someone can get ahold of Nova he can probably fix this in matter of seconds.

CS1.6 01-07-2010 19:12

Re: cant use custom AV
also ..pls longer editing time for posts.


Whistler 02-07-2010 05:27

Re: cant use custom AV
already PM'ed nova and posted this in the moderator forum for more than half a year... looks like he's too busy these days :(

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