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KaCaT 16-02-2004 17:44

How to Install IvPBot?
Just install/extract the archive to up one level of your cstrike folder.

C:\SIERRA\Half-Life for Half-Life mod version of CS
C:\SIERRA\Counter-Strike for retail version of CS
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\user@company.com\counter-strike for Steam version

For Steam users:
Before install the bot, go to create a game in CS. After the game is created, quit it. This will create a file (mp.dll) which is needed by the bot to run.

After you installed the bot, go to your cstrike folder and set the liblist.gam to "Read-Only" mode. You can do this by right-click on liblist.gam -> choose "Properties" from the menu -> tick the "Read-Only" option on "General" tab.

1. If you are using the win32 installer to install the bot, you have to type in the path to install (don't press the Browse button on the installer to choose the path else the bot will installed to C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\user@company.com\counter-strike\Half-Life)

2. To make sure you installed to the correct place, go to your cstrike folder and see if there is a ivpbot folder. If it's exist, then you installed it correctly :)

Another thread that is related with the installation of the IvPBot on Steam:

New waypoints for CS 1.6:
http://forums.bots-united.com/showthread.php?t=487 by CoCoNUT
http://forums.bots-united.com/showthread.php?t=726 by Obi_Wan

Juaninzze 17-02-2004 06:52

Re: How to Install IvPBot?
nice guide!

NickV 01-03-2004 00:38

Re: How to Install IvPBot?
:( cant get is i cant install it :( !

ruberninjuh 04-03-2004 12:58

Re: How to Install IvPBot?
OMG im stressing..see i go on vacation alot so i want bots but iono where to put stuff..ok i donwload the thing..i get one .dll then what! ???:( If somebody could help me out that would be ggEeerrRaATTT!:P haha lol ok thanks

TheWiz01 08-03-2004 23:04

Re: How to Install IvPBot?
How about a dedicated server??? C:\HLSERVER

DreamLord34 09-03-2004 04:33

Re: How to Install IvPBot?
Install ivpbot to the cstrike folder in HLserver.
I have mine there & run from a config.ini in the metamod folder. Works fine.

DreamLord34 09-03-2004 04:35

Re: How to Install IvPBot?
1 Attachment(s)
Use this to load ivpbot, save to metamod folder as config.ini

seeknstrike508 14-03-2004 21:36

Re: How to Install IvPBot?
its not hard if u know what ur doing

shamz 18-04-2004 17:19

Re: How to Install IvPBot?
you guys help me... can i play steam cs with bots without having an original cdkey???

Hardwood 18-04-2004 18:55

Re: How to Install IvPBot?

Originally Posted by shamz
you guys help me... can i play steam cs with bots without having an original cdkey???

What you are asking is illegal. Not only that but by using anything other than an original CD key you might be ruining that key's owner's chance of playing. That key could belong to any of us here trying to help you. NOT GOOD!

Just go buy Halflife, it's cheap and you get many many many games for the price of one.

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