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[BBB]sluggo 27-06-2004 00:36

What a cruel world....
Sweden lost against Holland on penalty kicks.:'(
I don't like Holland right now :'(

OK, it's now a couple of hours later and... Well i don't like Holland yet but still, Good Game and Good Luck for the rest of the tournament. Hope you win! (Then atleast we lost to the winners ;) )

TruB 27-06-2004 00:49

Re: What a cruel world....
they did.. i missed that match.. darn!!..

stefanhendriks 27-06-2004 11:29

Re: What a cruel world....
yeeeeey Holland WON with PENALTIES. Its UNBELIEVABLE... :D sorry guys, i am dutch ;)

@$3.1415rin 27-06-2004 13:52

Re: What a cruel world....
in germany there is some funny advertisement in some cinema ... it's a little movie where an old woman overtakes some dutchman, no the youngest, neither. they realize who is who and then they try to push the other from the street ... then you see that this advertisement was made for some betting company :D

-=RAV=-AdrianShephard 27-06-2004 19:53

Re: What a cruel world....

TruB 27-06-2004 20:30

Re: What a cruel world....
i cant say i understood.. it all

Pierre-Marie Baty 27-06-2004 22:40

Re: What a cruel world....
...and the french lost against the greek.
Darn. >:(

They've only made shitty matches in this euro 2004 anyway.

stefanhendriks 28-06-2004 00:30

Re: What a cruel world....
sorry pm.. :P

>BKA< T Wrecks 28-06-2004 01:34

Re: What a cruel world....
lol, and the Czechs just pwned Denmark 3:0... never mind, PMB. France DID only play shitty matches (measured by the talent of their players), but Germany didn't even make it into the second round (and except for the one against Holland, they were shitty, too)... that's why Czechs are very popular in Holland right now... the rivalry still exists, at least from the Dutch side. In Germany, we've gotten used to living with a shitty national team, so we don't give a damn really...

I bet the final will be Holland - Czech Republic, and the Czechs will win again... (sorry stefan)

[BBB]sluggo 28-06-2004 01:46

Re: What a cruel world....
Yes, I second that, Czech Republic vs Holland.
The Czech's has impressed me and Portugal will be so nervous they cant make a correct pass all game :D

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