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Cyb3rMann 21-09-2010 17:22

I've got no goal!
Hi all,

I'm having problems getting my bots to move.
I placed my first node infront of the spawn point, and have a string of 14, each connected both ways. I do this by: /node_add, then: /node add; node_autoconnect thereafter. (It tells me this, but i don't see the connection lines.)
I then placed an action next to my first node with /action_add 0 2048.
And another at 14: /action_add 14 2048.
As i understand it, this is the minimum required. I'm just trying to get these bots to go from point A to B at the moment.

Many thanks.

Cyb3rMann 21-09-2010 19:19

Re: I've got no goal!
Solved it. I used the waypointing tool to change the goal values. They were on -1, i changed them to 0.
I also exec a cfg file to automatically turn on the node editor etc. and ends with a vid_restart. I can now see the connection lines. Could'nt before even after a vid_restart. Also 2048 seems to be 12 now for ET.
Just thought i'd add this incase others have a similar problem.


TomTom 24-09-2010 09:02

Re: I've got no goal!
Welcome Cyb3rMann

If you are waypointing for ET, I would suggest you look at these wiki articles;
(access requires you enter wiki / nospam as username / password)

FritzBot ET Creating Waypoints

Fritzbot ET waypointing tutorial

and there is an incomplete series of tutorials here;
Category:FritzBot ET Waypointing Tutorials

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