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Lloydning 14-12-2006 13:01

E[POD]bot on CS 1.5
Hi, somewhere I read, E[POD]bot ist still fully compatible with CS 1.5, is that true? I just want to play with bots on CS 1.5 and not to install CS 1.6.

Will installation work without problems or do I have to change anything manually? Would be cool if somebody replied to this.


The Storm 14-12-2006 23:27

Re: E[POD]bot on CS 1.5
It must work. :)

Crake 19-12-2006 13:08

Re: E[POD]bot on CS 1.5
Yeah, it works. I play it from time to time until I get broadband. Installation is simple enough. Most problems you encounter will be in the FAQ section in the download.

reudk1ng 20-02-2007 17:35

Re: E[POD]bot on CS 1.5
surely i don't know. But ive PODBot and added new map, i'm standing there alone :(
no need internet connection when i play the game ???

i've only dust, vertiga, militia, dust2, ... (working), but if i play other map there's no friend

The Storm 20-02-2007 23:45

Re: E[POD]bot on CS 1.5
Because there is no waypoints.

reudk1ng 21-02-2007 18:47

Re: E[POD]bot on CS 1.5
I'm still using v1.5, where can i get waypoints for new map ??? And You the creator ? It's nice. For all game that i collected but CS is my favourites one.

Please, geuide me for this lovely games :)


The Storm 23-02-2007 13:54

Re: E[POD]bot on CS 1.5
There is sticked topic on the forum about waypoints. You can check there.

ViR2aL 04-03-2007 22:33

Re: E[POD]bot on CS 1.5
a problem occurs with installing E[POD]Bot on cs 1.5...
first, I haven't "Siearra" folder in C:\ only a folder with the same name, as the folder in D:\ where the game was extracted - "Half Life + Counter Strike 1.5"..... There is a folder, named "cstrike" in that one in C:\ but when I install the latest E[POD]Bot version there, nothing actually happens... WTF? When the bots are installed in D:\Half Life + Counter Strike 1.5, where originally the game was extracted and where the .exe file also is, occurs the problem - when I start Half life and activate Counter Strike it shows, that I use ver 1.6 and there are actually no maps... There ARE maps in the "Maps" folder, but the game doesn't display them and I can't play.......

I hope that You get the idea of the written above, 'cause my English (as you easily can see) isn't quite good... :/

I'm waiting for an answer... 10x a lot
PS: @THE_STORM - пиши ми на ЛС плс!... 10x a lot!

The Storm 05-03-2007 19:33

Re: E[POD]bot on CS 1.5
Search the forums for "titles", you will find solution of your problem.

PS @ViR2aL - по добре тук за да всички да знаят решението.

paylikas 10-10-2008 16:59

Re: E[POD]bot on CS 1.5
thanks man thanks a lot

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