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bi$hop_of_murdah 26-03-2009 16:22

EPB gives me grief
Morning all! :-D

I got XP professional, the cs 1.6 retail version, EPB v5.3 and the dll fix. Iīve installed the bot in the right folder (aint that difficult, is it?), still canīt neither use the "p" nor the "=" button to come up with the bot menu nor can I get any positive result by using the console. Any command be it epb_botmenu, or epb botmenu, epb_addbot or epb addbot, results in an "unknown command" return.

Iīve read about a dozen threads, but couldnīt get any help there. What the heck am I doing wrong?


The Storm 30-03-2009 00:25

Re: EPB gives me grief

Putting the files in to the right folder is not enough :) Did you read the sticked thread? -

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