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mirv 26-08-2008 00:56

OpenGL 3.0
Just thought I'd start a thread to discuss the latest OpenGL spec (anybody read it?). It's interesting (and good) to see a deprecation model being introduced - some things just aren't appropriate for modern day hardware, and this will sort of force people to adapt to that. Can't say I agree with everything, though I can see the reasons for it.
They're definitely pushing for a fully programmable pipeline (it seems even glTranslate, Scale, Rotate have been deprecated). It would probably require more work from the programmer (at least beginners might have a steeper learning curve), but also more control of what happens.
Anyway, despite a lot of grumblings on the net, I personally think it's a step in the right direction.

CipAvoit 20-07-2009 04:55

OpenGL 3 0
Dear all, Please help me, i got openGL Error no: 1280Can anyone tell me the meaning of this error and because of which it has come?

mirv 20-07-2009 11:01

Re: OpenGL 3 0
Although you're better off in the opengl forums for getting help with that sort of thing, google is also useful. I only say that as a quick google search turned up the answer, and it would save you some time in future.
1280 is most likely an enumeration error - you've passed in an enum value that's not appropriate for the function being used.

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