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zehunter 07-11-2005 14:47

dod:source portage?
i know that strikebot are for dod only, but i wondering if any portage to the new dod:source is planned or at least possible?

cervezas 08-11-2005 00:29

Re: dod:source portage?
Shrike is working on it now but until Valve gives us the proper info>:( im afraid its not going to happen:(

zehunter 09-11-2005 16:25

Re: dod:source portage?
is there at least any petition to sign about asking valve to help their community ???

hellgate 12-11-2005 04:50

Re: dod:source portage?
how about just create the bots for dods first for temporally use?

[NvT]_KaszpiR_ 08-12-2005 21:03

Re: dod:source portage?
first of all, source engine differs completely to old hl1 engine

usually that means the bot(s) gotta be rewriten form scratch to run on source

so forget it, or wait for new bot.

RR99i 30-05-2007 17:24

Re: dod:source portage?
First off, I hope Cpl. Shrike is doing well. :) I usually would post this on the other ShrikeBot board, but you have to love Bots-United! It's just hard to get time anymore, to do things. I know I have a lot of time to enjoy the bots and Internet. But that may change someday.

As for Day of Defeat: Source. I'll only get it if bots become available. I've understood, back after Half-Life 2 came out. That the information needed to make bots. Is not wanting to come from Valve. Seeing that this topic is over a year old, still no word from Valve.

Offtopic some, I would love to see Shrikebot continue with Day of Defeat 1. But it's ok Shrike :), anytime you want to come back, just take your time. I shouldn't be talking like this, because it may happen to me. I'll never have the time to test bots or play with them. Last, I hope all is well with you, Shrike! :D

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