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DMXRR 17-02-2013 02:37

New & Old Bots.
How can you make the simultaneous operation of POD-bot 3.0 and POD-bot 2.5? As I understand it, the problem is in the file liblist (gamedll), POD-bot 2.5 also runs through this file. You can either do something, to be on the same map using the old and new bots? Counter Strike 1.5
Please help, I sit and I do not understand how you could do.

Sorry for my English, I write through the translator.

KWo 18-02-2013 10:41

Re: New & Old Bots.
This forum doesn't support old podbot 2.5, so I don't know if You can get helped here. What is the reason You want to run old podbot 2.5 bots against bots from 3.0 version?
From that what I know - from the file liblist.gam You can load only 1 game dll file, so it is either mp.dll (standard), old bots dll loading mp.dll (like podbot 2.5 dll) and - like we are doing it now - metamod, which can load many dlls and finally also mp.dll. Thus - if even it would be possible to load old bots dll and metamod simultaneously - since both are loading the main game dll file (mp.dll) - that would lead to the conflict. So - in my opinion - You cannot do this what You want.

Whistler 18-02-2013 16:41

Re: New & Old Bots.
IIRC metamod has option to load another gamedll, hence engine -> metamod -> podbot2.5 -> mp.dll is perfectly possible.

still though, I doubt it will work as POD-Bot 2.5 will try to run bot logic for all clients with FL_FAKECLIENT flag, which would lead to crash or other unexpected behavior.

DMXRR 21-02-2013 21:38

Re: New & Old Bots.
I just wanted able to play with both 2.5 and 3.0 with bots (50/50 on the team). I rarely play CS and already got used to the bots 2.5. New bots are very good, but the old do not want to lose. I myself have tried to register somewhere ddl but I did not succeed, I thought find help here ...:crying:

By the way for new bots a strange habit when Friendly Fire the "on" position they sometimes begin to kill each other to spawn.
And they are a little slow at the beginning of the round. 2.5 faster.
still do not like their bad habit of looking at the sky ...

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