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ace6693 25-11-2007 03:23

Bots on Rail Gun (PLZ HELP!!!)
How do I get the Fritz bots to work on Rail Gun? In warm-up they are ok, but then when game starts they say "I have no goal" or whatever. Do I need to download something?

TomTom 25-11-2007 03:59

Re: Bots on Rail Gun (PLZ HELP!!!)
YOU CAN'T. There are no released Fritzbot waypoints for Railgun.

Unless Mal completes the train support he had to drop to work on ET:QW at Id then we waypointers could only make the bots act as support players in any attempt at waypointing Railgun. The bots would not understand the match objective is to move the train!

For the present if you want to play Railgun with bots use Bobots 4.XX.

dark_wizzie 26-11-2007 07:12

Re: Bots on Rail Gun (PLZ HELP!!!)
yeah, but bobots are a bit glitchy and have inhumane killing skills...

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