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BuckNasty 05-09-2005 18:52

odd questions
i just got a monster metamod plugin and have been using it with pvk, its great being able to take out the familiar alien scum with your new spear or broadsword.
then i added some bots, to my dismay(but not surprise), they just take beatings from the aliens and dont fight back, its as if the aliens dont exist to them. is there any way to alter a text file for grogbot or anythign i might be able to do to get them to fight the monsters? and how do you change the name of your server? does the hostname command work? and does anyone know how to run a pvk dedicated? steam's halflife dedicated only supports valve games

Akz 09-09-2005 15:39

Re: odd questions
1. No, they're not supposed to fight against monsters.
2. The hostname can be changed by modifying listenserver.cfg (or server.cfg if it's a dedicated server)
3. You have to copy your pvk installation over to the dedicated server directory to be able to run a dedicated server.

Also, this GrogBot forum is somewhat quiet, with only me and AzShadow visiting regularly. The pvkii forums are a better place for discussing about pvk in general.

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