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brlight 04-01-2014 13:13

Give BOTS access level
Hi, I have some extra features for VIPs with certain access level, is it possible to give the same extra features to bots? I mean is it possible that bots have certain access level?
Thank you.

KWo 04-01-2014 21:15

Re: Give BOTS access level
Describe more precisly what kind of features Your VIP's do have. What do You mean as "certain maps"? What kind of CS extension are You using (SuperHero Mod or what) to give extra features for VIPs, so bots don't understand that?

brlight 05-01-2014 12:08

Re: Give BOTS access level
Hi, hopefully you will understand better now, for instance I wanīt bots to be able to use parachute, but in server only players with B access level (ADMIN_RESERVATION) can use.So my question is, if I can give that access level to bots so they can use it.
The mod is only cstrike and probably you were meaning "certain access levels" not "certain maps" cause I didnīt refer anything related to maps :-).
Thanks KWo!!

P.S.-English is not my native language, sorry.

KWo 05-01-2014 20:21

Re: Give BOTS access level
If there is a cvar defined in CS - sv_parachute - and that cvar is set to 1, when the bot falls down - after 0.5 second since start of falling down - the bot presses "USE" button, to use the parachute. That feature has been added 07.03.2010. To give bots access level (amx/amxx type) You would need to use names to give access levels (not steamid nor IP). I was never trying if that kind of feature of amx/amxx (access level) can really work with bots. You have to try it your-self.

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