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Maleficus 08-01-2007 01:58

Experimental patch
1. Fixes the issue of bots trying to pick up docs/crates/gold/etc if they already have some.

2. Adds a new cvar - g_droppedFlagTimes. Range is 1 - 120. Its measured in seconds. This is an experimental patch thats mostly for the waypointers ATM, it will be officially released when its deemed good, and everything thats needed is finished.

Get it HERE.


CrapShoot 08-01-2007 02:36

Re: Experimental patch
nice. thanks. looks good so far.

nedd3h 11-01-2007 07:53

Re: Experimental patch
is this the new feature request thread, hehe :flowers:

thanks for still working on your mod :thumbup:

Maleficus 17-01-2007 03:00

Re: Experimental patch
Added a keyword fix to Fritzbot. Extends the number of keyword tests to 32, up from 16.

Get it HERE.


TomTom 17-01-2007 06:01

Re: Experimental patch
Wow it must be the orthodox-calender Father Christmas:santa:.
How did you know what I wanted:x?
Three christmas gifts in 3 weeks:clap:.
My thanks to Mal, Crapshoot and the Bindlestiff for all their generosity.

Maleficus 17-01-2007 19:52

Re: Experimental patch
Thx! Just wish I had the time to do more.

TomTom 26-01-2007 17:40

Re: Experimental patch
what is the script fix one about? It gave me some problems, seems like it breaks the goal num.

Maleficus 26-01-2007 22:53

Re: Experimental patch
Yea, its got issues. I'll take it down.

TomTom 15-09-2008 21:37

Re: Experimental patch
New link for keyword fix beta. And if the file base is down it is mirrored on my filefront account

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