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Lindsay 06-08-2005 10:39

Need Some Help! Please
I have installed the HBP Bot 4.0 on my server and I can not get them to work. I first transferred the files from one server to another and than did a whole new install. They work fine on my other server. I have tried it many times and am still left with no bots. I am new to all of this so I would greatly appreciate any help.


Lindsay 25-08-2005 02:11

Re: Need Some Help! Please
I take it no one can help me. I'll try a different bot.


Pierre-Marie Baty 26-08-2005 03:10

Re: Need Some Help! Please

Lindsay, if you read the bot's documentation, you'd understand why just copying files over one server to another won't work :)

Install metamod first. Use the article we wrote in the wiki for that. Ensure metamod is installed by typing "meta list" in the console. When you are sure metamod works correctly, install the HPB_bot.

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