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shadee 30-07-2005 08:04

any challenging bots?
is there any bots that are challenging? that can accually kill u plant and defuse?

ive tried zbot and ivp bot and currently on podbot_mm i set all the bot skills to godlike and its still not at all challenging they plant.. sometimes and never ever defuse they never aim at u i can run at them with a knife for 10-15 seconds before thye accually start shooting.. always aiming at the ground zbots are annoying with that analyzing thing and worse den podbot_mm ivp accually plants and defuses but cant kill for ish does anyone have any suggestions on other bots? or a config for podbot_mm to make em harder?

andrewcaus 30-07-2005 10:25

Re: any challenging bots?
That's weird. Those bots shouldn't do that.

Have you got a crap computer? If you run bots on crap computers they don't perform very well.

Try PodBot 2.5

MarD 30-07-2005 22:22

Re: any challenging bots?

10-15 seconds?? the bots must really hate your comp man, lol.. mine always shoot 1-2ms after they spot me.

Now, after trying these other bots, did you properly uninstall them before attempting another?

The Storm 31-07-2005 00:00

Re: any challenging bots?
Hehe MarD it is not needed to fully uninstall the old bots because only modifing of liblist.gam is enough. :) Btw if the bots are to poor for you the you can try to play alone vs 15 or more bots. :D But if you comp is crappy I'm 100% sure that it will crash after adding the 7 bot. :P

shadee 31-07-2005 00:28

Re: any challenging bots?
comp is not crappy pretty good accually is there anything messed up on the config or maybe the waypointing? i just recently fixed my new comp like 3 days ago and they were more challanging on my bad comp because i cud hardly shoot.. btw these are ALL on godlike and its not always 10-15 seconds to start shooitng at me just mostly sometimes if im lucky right wen i pop out ill die but thats juss sometimes

Pierre-Marie Baty 31-07-2005 01:04

Re: any challenging bots?
Disable all your other plugins, I bet you've got some and I bet that's where the trouble comes from.

shadee 31-07-2005 01:16

Re: any challenging bots?
i dled the easy install podbot_mm pack which gives u metamod statsme and amx mod which i disabled both because they got annoying

Pierre-Marie Baty 31-07-2005 01:39

Re: any challenging bots?
Which version of Counter-Strike are you playing ?

What is your frame rate ?

Also check in the bot config file if peace mode is enabled.

shadee 31-07-2005 01:40

Re: any challenging bots?
peacemode? i dont see one

shadee 31-07-2005 02:44

Re: any challenging bots?
also is there any way to kill all the bots on just 1 team?
i think on the 1.5 bots it had this not sure tho

oh and these bots dont know how 2 break vents :X all it does is sit there till i break it for them

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