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Brainz 04-12-2004 08:36

Random ideas that will never be implemented
See thread title.

two Webcams on top of monitor create 3d image of face. this is then placed onto the player model in realtime. Also, crosshair/sights follow eyes, so you just have to look at an enemy and pull the trigger. great for firing in a direction you're not going.

Real grenade physics - you can kick them, shoot them, play pool with them etc.

A 'go to toilet' button. you have a slowly increasing bladder meter, when it reaches a certain point, speed decreases, accuracy decreases. if it reaches top, player is reduced to walk, and leaves a yellow trail enemy can follow, as well as a dark patch appearing on model. Meter is drained by finding hidden point, and pressing button. If another player wanders into line of sight, drain of meter stops, and random chance of a few HPs worth of damage, to represent zipping up too quickly.

Random coughs and sneezes, especially when trying to sneak up on someone.

Phobias, especially of the dark. screen shakes when ambient light dips below a certain number.

Body baricades, bodies can be piled up and hidden behind, somewhat like gory sandbags.

The Trench Consturction Kit, Soldiers are provided with a spade, and can make a foxhole to hide in, or, if given enough time, a whole trench to MG the Hun from.

Hunger, another meter, Food, starts at full, and decreases at a rate depending on stress and level of activity. High stress and high activity levels increases it quickly. Replenished by breaking open a 'ratpack' or visiting a mess-tent.

Smell, similar to radar, but influenced by wind direction.

Spot The Dot, weapons with lasersights cause blindness/lighting effects if shone at head.

"Hey, who's given me blanks?" or random practical jokes - rounds in magazine are replaced with blanks, a number of stones are placed in backpack, reducing speed, pistol fires a flag marked 'bang', 'Kick me' sign on back. Possibly have a Practical Joker Class?

veteran conversation, only lets you see messages players that have play the same or better than you, so you don't have to read all the n00bs whining about how they always get killed.

One join, one life, just like in real life, if you get killed, you have to start again, by rejoining the server. Possibly use bots to encourage people to play?

Just a few random thoughts.

Brainz 05-12-2004 19:27

Re: Random ideas that will never be implemented
anyone else got any more they'd like to suggest, or am I on my own here?

Huntkillaz 06-12-2004 11:18

Re: Random ideas that will never be implemented
animals go randomly round a map annoying players

ie: cs_italy chickens can peck players reducing the hp by 1 each time :D

stefanhendriks 06-12-2004 11:29

Re: Random ideas that will never be implemented
same goes for flies and other small insects. You hear a zooming sound in your ears , freaking you out. You can get stung and paralized. Or freaking jump around of pain.

Brainz 06-12-2004 11:44

Re: Random ideas that will never be implemented
how about:
> tripping over if you try to run on stairs or other rough/slippery surfaces.

> 'Babes' who wnder round the map, distracting the player

> dropping your rifle when you try to reload or change weapons

> Baseball bats... Grenade Softball anybody?

> random chance of rushing back from a bar to make the assembly... so you start the battle drunk

There's got to be more... keep thinking people...

Huntkillaz 06-12-2004 11:51

Re: Random ideas that will never be implemented
u can take a crap in which time ur invunrable

also anyone stepping in it will be marked for the entire round and posibbly the next round (follow foot prints as they gradually decrease)

when u fart ur hp increases and playes that get the wave get a hp decrease

piss == acid gun :P

if u win a round u can pull out a camera and take a photo of ur mates or u kill

have mobile phones so a (ocassional) random call can be made between any two players (enemy or not) can give away ur position

Pierre-Marie Baty 06-12-2004 14:11

Re: Random ideas that will never be implemented
Boars and pigs running and bouncing players around. Indestructible.

stefanhendriks 06-12-2004 15:40

Re: Random ideas that will never be implemented
@pmb, i thought in CSS they alread had something like that... they call them crates and barrels there ;)

Pierre-Marie Baty 06-12-2004 19:22

Re: Random ideas that will never be implemented
Ah, yes, but there's a key difference.
Those in CS:Source don't go gruiiik gruiiik.

stefanhendriks 08-12-2004 13:23

Re: Random ideas that will never be implemented

Ok ok... euh... you also need to get dressed and you have wind so when you euh, get a blow your sight could get minimized by some sort of hat that flies on ur face?

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