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MoOfTaStIc 02-02-2008 04:33

NoOb needs help making a plugin
Complete noob here in need of either a plugin or help building a plugin for metamod that will allow users to freeze and unfreeze props using the ent_fire commands, A: without sv_cheats being on and B: commands such as freeze and unfreeze that allow the user to type bind (key) freeze, and bind (key) unfreeze. I know that for the sv_cheats portion you have to use AcceptEntityInput(ent, "DisableMotion", -1, -1, 0), and probably AcceptEntityInput(ent, "EnableMotion", -1, -1, 0). That is about the extent of what i know about this, However i am very willing to learn. I tend to learn better by first hand experience and not by reading, this is why i have come here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MoOfTaStIc 02-02-2008 20:32

Re: NoOb needs help making a plugin
What i have so far is...

#include <sourcemod>

public Plugin:myinfo =
name = "freeze unfreeze plugin",
author = "MoOfTaStIc",
description = "My first plugin ever",
version = "",
url = "http://www.sourcemod.net/"

public OnPluginStart()
native bool:AcceptEntityInput(ent, "DisableMotion", -1, -1, 0)
native bool:AcceptEntityInput(ent, "EnableMotion", -1, -1, 0)

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