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Whistler 13-02-2005 09:55

KDevelop project file for Cube bot
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this is what I used to modify the Cubebot source code...
I'm posting it for people who prefer to use an IDE instead of Emacs, Vim, etc. like me :)

you may download KDevelop at: http://www.kde.org, however it's actually included with most of the decent GNU/Linux distros. Also this project file is for KDevelop 2, not KDevelop 3 as I feel KDevelop 2 is more handy. But it should be able to open in KDevelop 3

Rick 13-02-2005 10:39

Re: KDevelop project file for Cube bot
What did you modify to my src ? :)
Maybe I should include my own kdevelop files in the next release aswell (which are for version 3).

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