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chelseafc0512 08-12-2010 04:20

hi , i have some question :d
1. is there away to save waypoint with smaller size without losing any data?
in cs:cz when save navigation file (nav),the experience people always save first after editing ,restart to reload nav file ,then switch to windows ,go to folder and delete .nav file ,then switch back to the game and save nav file,the navsize will be reduce because of all unused data has been left.it is very useful
with podbot and yapbbot waypoint, can we do it with no errors ?
2. which is the different beetween podbot ,e[podbot] and yapb bot waypoint file ? i mean all the different as possible. i only see a program that convert "podbot waypoint to yapb bot waypoint" , is there any program convert yapb bot waypoint to podbot waypoint ?
3. if we use the waypoint (which i have edited with yapb bot ) - for podbot and e[podbot],is there any errors and cause bots get stuck ?
4. i read the thread http://forums.bots-united.com/archiv...hp/t-7477.html
and found that

Originally Posted by forOne (Post 60996)
thanks, i found the commands but this information was not in the readme file from the version 2.55, at least i have not found it. but the information was in the readme file of the YaPB (Legacy)-Version (old version of yapb) ;)

i have downloaded YaPB (Legacy)-Version (old version of yapb) at http://filebase.bots-united.com/inde...ct=view&id=198 but the font of the text file corrupt so i can't read it, please send me the readme file that contain full of yapb bot commands . it helps me very much ,thank you

chelseafc0512 12-12-2010 10:58

Re: hi , i have some question :d
1.when use podbot mm waypoint with e[pod]bot, the camp direction will be wrong and we must change it
could you please add the command : "epb_waypoint teleport camp" to e[pod]bot ,which teleport us imediately to camping waypoint
sothat we can reedit the campibng waypoint more quickly
2.could you please add the cvar like that with e[pod] bot? i think it is very useful, i see yapb bot camping to the end round ,i think it is wasted time
" Set the below value to delay in seconds the bot may stay camping in one place before going somewhere else"
pb_maxcamptime 20 (with pobot)

The Storm 12-12-2010 13:34

Re: hi , i have some question :d

1. I first must say that writing me a PM will not get you answer faster, it just can annoy me!

2. There is other people that can help you with PodBot_mm and YaPB(see their forums), this is the E[POD]Bot forum. Anyway the wrong text you see is because your text editor can't handle unix text format, you can try WordPad or notepad++ for example.

3. You can always delete the .pxp(expirience) files after you edit the waypoints. However the files are small enough to not consider any trouble.

4. The only difference between all podbot based bots and podbot_mm in the waypoint format is just the camp waypoint. As you already found there is a converter.

5. I'm currently not planning to update E[POD]bot at all, because I have real job as developer now and the last thing I want after I get home is to code more... Anyway I'm around here to help with whatever I can without writing code. :)

MarD 12-12-2010 17:11

Re: hi , i have some question :d

Yeah, tbh some waypointers try to make their waypoints as basic as possible to lower file sizes.. but me? I like to just layer the maps with as many waypoints as I can to give the bots more choices.. besides, once you zip a waypoint it shrinks in size a lot when uploading to the filebase, so don't limit your waypointing. ;)

My current advice would be to switch to Podbot MM since it has more updates and the waypoint editor is better.. albeit I did love the challenge that e[POD]bot gave me when I played against them... so what I used to do was edit waypoints in podbot mm and then redo the camp waypoints. :P

ZOMG! Heyyo Storm! Bro long time no see eh? Got a job coding? that's awesome! congrats man! Is it for a gaming company or some kind of business program creator? I myself am an A+ Certified computer technician, but thinking of switching to work in the oilfields as a Wellhead Service Tech... so I would go from fixing computers to maintaining oilfield wells, lol :D

chelseafc0512 12-12-2010 18:43

Re: hi , i have some question :d
thank you ,the storm ,i 'm so sorry for disturbing you :flowers:
1. i don't know why when editing waypoint with pobotmm and open it by e[pod]bot , the normal camping waypoint (the camping waypoint for both t and ct team-which i created with podbotmm) becomes green ,so i can't know which is normal waypoint ,which is camping waypoint to re-edit if i don't stand at this waypoint ,as we know there are so many normal waypoint (green waypoint) ,so we can't stand at all waypoint to know

have you encounter or have an experience like this ?
2. podbotmm have the teleport camp command ,which can teleport us to camping waypoint, do you remember if there is a command like this with e[pod]bot ?
3. do you know a program to convert podbotmm waypoint to e[pod]bot waypoint?
ps : thank you for all , congrats for the good job :) .again ,i 'm sorry

Thank you , mard for the experience,i always do as you, place lots of waypoint for precise,
when editing podbotmm waypoint with E[pod]bot, do you encounter the problems i said above ? do you have tips for that ?:)

MarD 12-12-2010 19:40

Re: hi , i have some question :d

Another way you can do it if you have hard times remembering camp sites is just do up the bulk of the waypointing in Podbot mm, then when done just go into e[POD]bot and then add in the camp waypoints then. I usually just do up my waypointing first, try and figure out good choke-points on the maps and then add in the camp waypoints and team waypoints.

chelseafc0512 13-12-2010 04:37

Re: hi , i have some question :d
i always play with all: yapb bot ,podbotmm and E[pod]bot ,so it takes many times to set camp point for all
what a pity yapb and e[pod] bot doesn't have a teleport camp command as podbotmm
when using podbotmm waypoint ,with yapbot ,we know which is camp point by color ,but with e[pod]bot ,the camp point has the same color as normal waypoint (green) ,so it takes many time

chelseafc0512 13-12-2010 10:18

Re: hi , i have some question :d

Originally Posted by meester1 (Post 58537)

Does the "botskill.cfg" file actually exist? If not, is there any way to modify a bot's skill outside of whats in the file "EPB.cfg"



Originally Posted by The Storm (Post 58544)
My teammate Markus was working on new skill system, thats why he deprecated the old EPBskill.cfg things but after all he never finished the new skill system. ;(

is it needed to have a EPBskill.cfg file in EPODbot folder with the latest version of EPODBOT (5.3) ?
should we turn epb_ultraskill on to improve the skill of bots ? and in that case what is the value of min skill and max skill we should turn to have best bot ( bot shoot as quick as he can )

The Storm 14-12-2010 21:03

Re: hi , i have some question :d
The max bot skill is 100, when you turn on the ultraskill it will just make the bots a bit hacky stronger.

Hi MarD,

I haven't seen you long time around the forums. :)
I'd like to be in the game coding but my math is poor and it seems that the companies are not looking for core based game developers(network, bots, etc) at last here. :}

I'm currently coding business program type, corporate "All in one" chat application, I've recently made 2 years of working on it. :)

So you are in the the computer business too, nice! About the oil fields, it sounds a bit scarry but if the payment is worthy, why not? :)

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