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crack111 06-12-2004 15:26

HPBot install

If I install HPBot to CS, metamod write:

L 12/06/2004 - 14:17:01: [META] dll: Updating plugins...
L 12/06/2004 - 14:17:01: [META] ERROR: dll: Failed query plugin '<hp_bot_mm.dll>'; Couldn't open file 'dlls/hp_bot_mm.dll':
L 12/06/2004 - 14:17:01: [META] ERROR: dll: Skipping plugin '<hp_bot_mm.dll>'; couldn't query
L 12/06/2004 - 14:17:01: [META] dll: Finished updating 4 plugins; kept 3, loaded 0, unloaded 0, reloaded 0, delayed 0

Can you help me to determine this problem ???

crack111 06-12-2004 15:28

Re: HPBot install
pls help

botman 06-12-2004 15:41

Re: HPBot install
"Failed query plugin '<hp_bot_mm.dll>'; Couldn't open file 'dlls/hp_bot_mm.dll':"

The hp_bot_mm.dll file is in the wrong directory? Check to make sure you've installed things in the proper place.


crack111 06-12-2004 18:42

Re: HPBot install
hmmm... and where must be copied this file ??
I have it in:




metamod - plugins.ini

; AMX Mod
win32 addons/amx/dlls/amx_mm.dll

; AMX Mod modules

; NOTE: don't declare 'pure' AMX Modules here
; (those not having '_mm' in their filename)

; CS Stats (AMX module)
win32 addons/amx/modules/csstats_mm.dll

; Fun (AMX module)
win32 addons/amx/modules/fun_mm.dll

; Vexd Utilities (AMX module)
; win32 addons/amx/modules/VexdUM_mm.dll
win32 dlls/hp_bot_mm.dll

Pierre-Marie Baty 06-12-2004 19:24

Re: HPBot install
You made a typo.

It's not hp_bot_mm.dll but hpb_bot_mm.dll

crack111 06-12-2004 21:15

Re: HPBot install
oh thanx... im lamah :)
and what about waypoints ??? i downloaded some, but bots still stay on start. I downloaded it from site which is linked from botmans site...

and where can i find complete bot commands ???

Pierre-Marie Baty 06-12-2004 22:04

Re: HPBot install
Are you sure you read the help files that come with the bot ? hmmm...

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