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nocturnal 27-01-2004 23:04

Bots doing the irish jig
I wanted to try an new bot, but I find it doing the wierdest thing. On de_dust, when I'm on CT the bot won't stop dancing. There constantly turning left and right, left and right and on and on. Is this a bug for just this map or what?

@$3.1415rin 27-01-2004 23:24

Re: Bots doing the irish jig
dunno, I have no such problems ... did you manually change something with the waypoint files ?!

Pierre-Marie Baty 28-01-2004 06:55

Re: Bots doing the irish jig
this is a well known bug that happens with the HPB_bot on some Counter-Strike maps where the spawn point's yaw angles exceed 180 degrees. I find it strange that it would affect JoeBot though. Are you sure this is the right forum ?

nocturnal 28-01-2004 13:41

Re: Bots doing the irish jig
yeah i'm pretty sure, i don't think the terrorist have this problem becuase they have no problem coming to our spawn point. Wow and i love how they use nades a lot! But yeah, on CT they just go left and right, so on...

@$3.1415rin 28-01-2004 18:04

Re: Bots doing the irish jig
no, that spawnpoint angle whatever bug is fixed.

dont they ever leave the base ? or does it just take about 30 seconds ?

nocturnal 29-01-2004 12:52

Re: Bots doing the irish jig
Hey! I frickin love your bot! It's really friendly to my really low end cpu but still smart and not always wandering around the map. I have a question tho, can the bots hear? Seems that they never walk? But other than that, perfection! Realistic human accuracy, realistic turning, greatness! U got a new fan @$3.1415rin!

@$3.1415rin 29-01-2004 14:01

Re: Bots doing the irish jig
I simply dont have this bug, I just reinstalled the bot and played a bit. dunno what's that ... only ct site ? what about if you use other waypoints ?

nocturnal 29-01-2004 14:29

Re: Bots doing the irish jig
Yeah i created my own, it works now. It seems that the bot turn left and right real quick repeatedly at times, while walking around the map.

@$3.1415rin 29-01-2004 17:00

Re: Bots doing the irish jig
well, your information dont help me finding a possible bug, but well, thx anyway

nocturnal 30-01-2004 13:02

Re: Bots doing the irish jig
The problem with the bots not getting out of the spawning point and dancing doesn't happen anymore (well sometimes a little). After I played it again on the same map it's jiggy-free. And when u mean bug did u mean my re: in #8? It usually happens right at spawing but they stop within 1 or 2 sec., and while running the bots sometimes do this also, turning left and right quickly in 3 or 4 cycles .

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