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p0rtmanN 30-08-2005 22:57

plugins.ini not found?
It keeps saying that every time i try to install the bots for DMC.. Where can i find that file? and a installation tut.?

Pierre-Marie Baty 31-08-2005 13:39

Re: plugins.ini not found?
If that file doesn't exist you can just create it (empty) with a text editor such as notepad. It's meant to be located in the dmc/addons/metamod directory.

p0rtmanN 31-08-2005 19:43

Re: plugins.ini not found?
it worked.. thnx

Levzir 02-08-2006 22:08

Good news

<>M3G<> 31-01-2010 05:23

Re: plugins.ini not found?
It's the same for me, but nothing happens when i do, other than deleting maps, etc.
any complete installer for HL bots with HPB_bot?

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