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ExAnimo 04-11-2010 06:56

Snowball mode
Has found interesting mod
Snowball War v3.05
If it is possible, don't prompt as to adjust PodBot that it didn't use a knife, and threw only granates, besides that threw a snowball directly without using a ricochet from walls. If there are no such options I think it was quite good to add that that like mode Snowball War
I think there not too it is necessary to edit much.
Also on strategy Snowball War, I think a bot should be on distance from the opponent

ExAnimo 04-11-2010 17:16

Re: Snowball mode
i make no use knife with plugin

It is necessary to clean 510 line in a code
//Give him knife and "snowball"
fm_give_item (id, "weapon_knife")
fm_give_item (id, "weapon_hegrenade")
fm_give_item (id, "weapon_knife")

Bots all the same don't throw snowballs, and continue to run simply but though don't start to knife
strategy and tactics need edit bot

ExAnimo 13-11-2011 11:32

Re: Snowball mode
HoLLyWooD update the plugin Snow Wars beta!
many fixes and new modes add

sw_dm 1 // DeathMatch mode - auto respawning on death ( 1 - enabled / 0 - disabled )
sw_ff 1 // Friendly Fire mode - can attack friendly players ( 1 - enabled / 0 - disabled )

KWo please add mode for podbot like pb_sw 1
just need to teach to throw bots all time a grenade in opponents

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