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com1retz 27-08-2009 07:24

PodBot MM CFG Maker
Here is the link : podbot mm cfg maker

Main idea come from weapon restriction cvars. There are only numbers in a line. editing these
pb_restrweapons "00000000000000000000000000"
pb_restrequipammo "000000000"
lines makes me crazy. :punk:

com1retz 01-02-2010 14:21

PodBot Cfg Editor
Recoded the whole page, Now a lot of settings are more clear. I could not edit the previus post, so here is the new URL of the PodBot Cfg Editor

Dont worry, I make a redirection from the previous link :alucard:

CS1.6 27-02-2010 07:28

Re: PodBot MM CFG Maker
pretty good work! :thumbsup: w00t

Maybe it can be a sticky one day once it has been approved. :)

KWo 28-02-2010 19:16

Re: PodBot MM CFG Maker
I like this config maker, but since it is not my code, I cannot support it. That's why it's not (yet) as a sticky. I have to think of it more.

CS1.6 01-03-2010 00:46

Re: PodBot MM CFG Maker
wow the guy posted 3 weeks ago.
And you also don't post everyday here, KWo.

IMO, you should do something to keep the community alive and have a little bit more livelyhood in here.

You have a great community. You shouln't let it slip away. One day you might regret it.

Trust me, once you don't have an own community with users moaning and bitching all the time, it gets very boring and you will miss the "old times". http://planetsmilies.net/sign-smiley-451.gif

It's hard to build up a community.

But who knows..maybe in real life you have more fun things to do. :D

com1retz 01-03-2011 22:49

PodBot MM CFG Maker (updated)
New visual update for podbot mm config maker. This time you just fill the forms or choose one of the options.

Click to Download PodBot Cfg button will make your browser to download your podbot.cfg

No more; make a new text document, copy / paste from the web site, save as podbot.cfg

Link : Podbot MM Cfg Editor

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