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Beasty 08-05-2005 04:09

Frontline Force
My HPB_Bot 4 doesn't work with Frontline Force for some reason. Even on waypointed maps. I'm using Frontline Force 1.8b. I have metamod 1.17.4. I'm using Windows XP professional. The bots join but they don't seem to go anywhere.Thanks for any help! :)

EDIT: Actually, the only thing they do is shoot at those black pod-like things in their base.

Pierre-Marie Baty 09-05-2005 03:10

Re: Frontline Force
remove all other plugins and try again ?

Beasty 09-05-2005 09:46

Re: Frontline Force
I'm pretty sure I don't have any other plugins other than metamod and HPB_Bot. They don't even move around, even on waypointed maps. Thanks for the help!

Beasty 12-05-2005 05:11

Re: Frontline Force
I think, maybe, it's because I'm not using steam right now. I'll update to steam and check.

Beasty 21-08-2005 11:23

Re: Frontline Force
Sorry to bring this up again guys, but the HPB Bots just don't seem to go anywhere still in Front Line Force, even after I installed Steam, and downloaded all the offline content. I tried playing flf_lombardi. Is HPB Bot working for anyone on Front Line Force? I'm using the default waypoints, by the way. :(

Pierre-Marie Baty 21-08-2005 17:14

Re: Frontline Force
Well then, I suppose the Front Line Force support in the HPB_bot is officially broken, until someone fixes it... :|

Ask for it in the general bot coding forum, you'll eventually find a coder with enough time on his hands...

Beasty 22-08-2005 09:21

Re: Frontline Force
Okay, thanks!

Kapt3n 06-01-2011 00:52

Re: Frontline Force
Hey, I saw that this thread was created 2005, all though I'm bringing this back to life 2011.

I wanted to play my favourite Half Life 1 mod again, FLF. I installed the 1.8b version and well, as said, the HPB_bot 4.0 just shoots at the turrets in spawn and won't go anywhere (trying out flf_lombardi). I've tried different versions of HPB_bot but every version except 4.0 just crashes the game when you press "start" after you've selected your map.

I can't find any FLF version except 1.8b to download anymore, maybe 1.5 would work with HPB_bot 4.0? If so, do anyone know an active download mirror for Frontline Force 1.5?

Update: Tried HPB_bot 4.0 with FLF 1.7, 1.8 and 1.8b, same result, as for the latest release of ODDbot, all versions crash when you start a map.

Best Regards,

Kapt3n 06-01-2011 05:12

Re: Frontline Force
Hey again folks, even if I believe that this thread is long dead.

I actually found a HPB_bot working for Front Line Force 1.8b, got no idea which version of HPB_bot it is, but it sure works! Now we all got a chance to embrace this fabolous mod once again.

Download link for HPB_bot:

Whistler 07-01-2011 04:53

Re: Frontline Force
^ that looks like the original HPB bot version 3.0...

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