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SoUlFaThEr 20-07-2007 17:47

Kreedz Climbing from SoUlFaThEr
Hey I'm sure you remember me hanging out here all the time with Podbot.

Check out my Source engine game:


We have just reached beta3.1 of the game, have gotten a lot of media coverage around the world and are generally doing good. The game is non violent and is very unique.

You jump, surf, bungee, drive, bunnyhop, and longjump through our maps in a race against time and other players. The World Records list has recently also begun with players competeing for the fast time possible on each course of every map.

If you put KZmod in Youtube.....and look at the beta3 promo....you will see what we are all about.

I'm the Project Manager, Lead Level Designer, Sound Scripter and 2dArtist of the game and I hope one or 2 of you can try it out.

If you tried Beta1 and didnt like the wall bug...thats been a thing of the past!

Have a look!

Bluesman 22-07-2007 13:15

Re: Kreedz Climbing from SoUlFaThEr
Seems cool :)

Will try it later today!

@$3.1415rin 24-07-2007 07:37

Re: Kreedz Climbing from SoUlFaThEr
yep, seems nice ... but the name is maybe a bit bad, at least in germany ...

stefanhendriks 25-07-2007 10:14

Re: Kreedz Climbing from SoUlFaThEr
why is it 'bad' ?

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