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WATTT 19-04-2010 10:12

POD-Bot + Awp_India = hate
Tjos is what I'm running


    description      stat pend  file              vers      src  load  unlod
 [ 1] AMX Mod X        RUN  -    amxmodx_mm.dll    v1.8.1.3  ini  Start ANY 
 [ 2] POD-Bot mm      RUN  -    podbot_mm.dll    v3.0B20a  ini  Chlvl ANY 
 [ 3] Fun              RUN  -    fun_amxx.dll      v1.8.1.3  pl1  ANY  ANY 
 [ 4] CStrike          RUN  -    cstrike_amxx.dll  v1.8.1.3  pl1  ANY  ANY 
 [ 5] CSX              RUN  -    csx_amxx.dll      v1.8.1.3  pl1  ANY  ANY

My server is perfectly solid except when the map is awp_india.

Sometime it will changelevel and run fine but sometimes it will changelevel, add bots, and crash as soon as round start.

It will not crash with 1 bot. It will crash with >1 bots.

I tought it was my awp_india, so i downloaded a new one that came packed with a pwf.

Nope, same issue.

//Not a torrentsite fps bannana mirror

Something is not cool.

KWo 20-04-2010 20:15

Re: POD-Bot + Awp_India = hate
Delete the file awp_india.pxp from the addons\podbot\wptdefault folder.
There is a potential risk of a crash if You are using any outdated experience (pxp) file with newer than 2004 podbot mm. It didn't crash on me...

aba010 17-06-2010 00:45

Re: POD-Bot + Awp_India = hate
solved thx, delete pvi as well as pxp

Ancient 17-06-2010 01:11

Re: POD-Bot + Awp_India = hate
I waypointed awp_india a while ago.
If you want better waypoints here's a link: http://www.cfegames.com/maps.php?cat=9&page=1

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