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ANFSCD 02-09-2005 17:35

Suicidal snipers on Assault
I haven't played enough to see how common this is but on Assault there are several sniper camping-spots. (I like the one next to allied spawn, which is often beeing used by the axis panzer.:D ) However, when the sniper is camping and sees a target he sometimes moves forward, jumping off the edge and gets killed by the fall. Is this a problem with the path file or the coding?

CrapShoot 02-09-2005 18:46

Re: Suicidal snipers on Assault
I'll take a look at it. Thanks for letting us know. If it's a waypoint problem, I'll have it fixed by the next waypoint updates.

Maleficus 03-09-2005 06:57

Re: Suicidal snipers on Assault
They should never move from their camping spot, unless they're out of ammo. Was he out of ammo (did he have his pistol out when he fell)?

Some stupid mistakes are allowed for - I've coded many of them in to make them seem more human. If they're doing it all the time no matter what, THEN there is a problem.

ANFSCD 03-09-2005 20:43

Re: Suicidal snipers on Assault
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I don't think it has to do with running out of ammo. I've seen them jump holding the mauser.

I recorded a demo of it happening. You can see the bot moving forward, jumping of the first tower and shooting in midair. An axis bot does it to but from the bottom of the tower. I've also seen it happen from where I'm standing, above the ladder just outside allied spawn.

Maleficus 04-09-2005 08:01

Re: Suicidal snipers on Assault
Excellent demo. I'll take a look at the sniper code again, I may have changed something without knowing.

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