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TomTom 02-06-2014 17:20

Prime Squadron waypoints for FritzBot_ET
Since the wiki is still down, this is a notice to say that I have playable WIP waypoints in testing stage for the new ET map primesquadron by KunA?!. I am still tweaking, and looking at team balance. Anyone who wants to help test can request the waypoints with a PM.

The map can be found in the Splash Damage forums at

Special entity added for evaluation. I have scripted in a partly closed team door to slow down the Allies getting the flag. The building above it beside the tram rails contains a box in the wall representing the door's power suppy. In version 0.01 waypoints dynamite the box or shells beside it to remove the axis team door. Axis engrs can rebuild the door when standing close to the box

TomTom 07-06-2014 20:47

Re: Prime Squadron waypoints for FritzBot_ET
Version 0.03 waypoints are done, team balance still eludes me but scripted door now has its limbo camera, and a low volume sound scape of speakers is included. PM me if you want to play them.

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