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mikeqc 03-01-2010 06:03

mini mod
can we add a minimod like the shrubot command or the admin thing in jaymod to do !lol !disorient?

TomTom 03-01-2010 07:12

Re: mini mod
FritzBot is a stand alone server mod, so adding extra server mods with executable code to tie in is rarely possible. However Fritzbot might support a special client mod like it supports WhaleClient.

You could modify and recompile the standard ET client code to do the disorient thing, and maybe simulate LOL by making the player use one of his own grenades. The bots would not be subject to those effects, only humans running the client mod.

What message from the server could be used/reused to trigger these events I can't think of right now. Is there an existing mini-mod with these 2 features?

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