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n0tfamus 12-10-2011 01:15

Bot Recommendation for TF2?
Hi everyone! New to the BotsUnited community and I just had a question.

Often in TF2 servers, I will encounter bots which do the following things:

1) not have a ping that reads "BOT", but a number instead.
2) have a name not from the default list of bot names
3) copy a steam profile picture from someone else in the server, and use it as their own
4) and most impressively, will be counted as human players in the server list.

Does anyone know what bot system I need to install to get these types of bots in my server?

Any help is appreciated!

Ancient 12-10-2011 03:07

Re: Bot Recommendation for TF2?
It sounds a lot like ZBot, but I don't think that the bots those servers are using are using bots that are fully compatible with TF2.

If it's not that, then the next best guess would be omnibot (omni-bot.com). But last I knew about omni-bot is that they weren't going to have an official release of their bot and I don't think they have had any development activity for about a year.

Whistler 14-10-2011 17:09

Re: Bot Recommendation for TF2?
omnibot svn seems to be updated very actively

I did not try it myself though

Ancient 14-10-2011 22:33

Re: Bot Recommendation for TF2?
Oh, I didn't know about that place. :P

The omni-bot.com website seems to have gone silent... I'm not sure if they are done updating the bots for RTCW and ET or not.

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