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person135 16-10-2006 03:35

podbot server
Hi I own a podbot server that has the mods war3ft, superhero, uwc3, chickenmod, AMXMODX, and I could install CSDM.

What is bad about my server is that it is not an internet server(it's LAN). HOWEVER, you can easily access my LAN server with Hamachi, a free simple software that lets people who are not on LAN create a virtual LAN. So all you need to do is be in my hamachi network and you should have access to my server. Also, my server is only on sometimes. But I could possibly have it on more.

for hamachi, visit hamachi.cc.

If you are interested, please contact me. Getting hamachi is really simple and if we're both ready, you guys can easily play on my server.

Ancient 16-10-2006 23:59

Re: podbot server
I finally got my listenserver listed on steam for cstrike


// Use this file to configure your LISTEN server.
// This config file is executed on server start.
echo "executing listenserver.cfg"
// default server name.
hostname "CFEGames.com Counter-strike WeekDays Server"
// IMPORTANT: set the following variable for your LAN or INTERNET play (put // to turn off which option you don't want)
sv_lan 0 ; echo "*** INTERNET SERVER RUNNING! ***"
//sv_lan 1 ; //echo "*** LAN ONLY SERVER RUNNING! ***"
sv_region 0 // US East
// tell the master servers your real IP address
// IP
// disable autoaim - leave this 0
sv_aim 0
// disable clients' ability to pause the server - leave this 0
pausable 0
// maximum client movement speed
sv_maxspeed 320
// 20 minute timelimit
mp_timelimit 30
// leave this to 0
sv_cheats 0
// load ban files
exec listip.cfg
exec banned.cfg
// make it so your settings are used every map change
mapchangecfgfile listenserver.cfg
// turn on logging
mp_logfile 1
log on

I got this from my listenserver.cfg, I sopose its basicly the same for server.cfg

person135 17-10-2006 05:52

Re: podbot server
yeah maybe i should try it. I'll try to make a ds that hopefully will be on the internet and not lan

WHen I run it, it says it won't be listed on the masterlist because my steam isn't updated. I don't feel like updating steam.

Ancient 17-10-2006 14:13

Re: podbot server
I thought steam automaticly updates...

Well I would recomend updating it, doesn't do any harm.

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