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KWo 12-05-2005 17:06

I've been talking yesterday with OLO. He is almost ready to release his PLBot's sources if somoene is interrested. He may accept also the situation someone will continue it (if someone wants it). I can upload it to filebase (if he will give it me and if admin of BU will decide I can do it. Maybe someoone (for example Whistler) could prepare the new CS1.6 interface for this old bot - to make the resurection of PLBOT (@Whistler - I remember You offered the same support for THE_STORM for E[POD]BOT - 2h of work - if I remember good)?
What do You think?

Pierre-Marie Baty 12-05-2005 17:45

Re: PLBot
I can do it too, that's what I've done for the HPB_bot, POD-bot mm and the now defunct PoXBot but if Whistler wants to mess with it I'll be happy to let him do the job :)

*puts feet on the table && grabs a beer and a cigarette*

botmeister 14-05-2005 08:14

Re: PLBot
It would be nice to see PLBot resurected from the grave.

PLBot was a bot with a lot of potential. It had very good aim, was easy to waypoint, and was very stable. All it needed was better navigation.

Last I heard Olo was working on an improved version of his PLBot. I think he was calling it CBBot. I wonder if he did anything with it.

KWo 14-05-2005 14:36

Re: PLBot

Originally Posted by botmeister
Last I heard Olo was working on an improved version of his PLBot. I think he was calling it CBBot. I wonder if he did anything with it.

Yeah, we were talking about it, too. It was a bot supposed to training games with clans. If Youy guys will be interrested with releasing its sources, too, there is a hope it will be done, too. :)
Need smile more to OLO... ;)

stefanhendriks 14-05-2005 23:16

Re: PLBot
great to hear, but i can't help you on the coding aspect. I have basicly no cs-related (read -> BOT code... ) files on my disk since months.

Whistler 15-05-2005 10:26

Re: PLBot
perhaps I won't continue it, but I can do a bit of work (such as make it work in CS 1.6) there if he has released the source code to everyone :)

Bolek 15-06-2005 22:57

Re: PLBot
Hello :)

Here is a link to the sources of PLBot http://www.olo.counter-strike.pl/index.php?page=old (try to compile PLBots with #define MY_DEBUGE_MODE, then track in code all these places to find out how to active cool working unwaypointed navigation system)..

Besides PLBots there are also CBBots.
There are just a partly rewritten PLBots bots (In that state they are bouncing from walls like PLBots and can follow you even if you hide :) - they will make a waypointed path to you ;).
The purpose of CCBots was to create a schematic, tactic bots for clan matches training - but there was no time to finish them.

Have fun with them and please publish here some screenshots from PLBot's "cool working unwaypointed navigation system" - which can avoid walls and holes in ground...

PS. These sources are pretty old - these were my first applications written in C so don't whine on style they were coded

KWo 16-06-2005 09:55

Re: PLBot
LOL. OLO joined here using another nick to prevent recognize him by the people. :D
Welcome to BU , OLO. 8D

sPlOrYgOn 16-06-2005 10:23

Re: PLBot
wow he only joined 3 days after me yet I barely find out he's here :D

botmeister 17-06-2005 01:40

Re: PLBot
Downloaded. In its day PLbot had the best aim out of all the available bots, and it had the easiest to use waypointing system. If the waypoint navigation was improved, it would be a tough bot to beat even by today's standard.

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