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TomTom 25-03-2009 20:44

FileFront? where ghost thou?
OK going round the internet this week is either a bad April fools joke or a serious piece of news.

This seems to be coming originally from the JKA/JK2/JK3 filefronters but has spread to a few others

What they are saying is the network admins who manage the game network sites like
have been locked out, the filefront forums closed and the network sites slated to close at the end of this month. (the rest of filefront will remain intact). If true this might mean that ET and RTCW file downloads will be in jeopardy or at least the the interface to find them.

Whatever is transpiring we may not know till April, but in the meanwhile I'd would visit the sites, collect a few files you meant to download etc.

I really hope the download links are OK. I really don't have time to fix the wiki map status page right now.

Hmm anyone know where the Vogon constructor fleet got to? just checking Don't Panic.


It Appears to be official Now:shit:

nedd3h 30-03-2009 15:07

Re: FileFront? where ghost thou?
thanks for the info... i'm hoping this is a (bad) joke

TomTom 02-04-2009 13:20

Re: FileFront? where ghost thou?
Apparently not, but hopefully neither is the news it just got sold back to the original owners from the 90's. If so FileFront will live, hopefully for a good long time (TBS).

TomTom 24-04-2009 17:21

Re: FileFront? where ghost thou?
Uggh! first the FileFront scare now its Geocities. So I guess I'll have to think of where to host my filedump this summer. And I have only started playing with GTK Radient too. Though I might use geocities for showing some prefabs as I learn better mapping techniques. :(

TomTom 09-07-2009 14:10

Re: FileFront? where ghost thou?
Update: the somewhat good news is Geocites will remain open until October 26th this year.

The unexpected news is Filefront is revamping their site and problems have resulted with some of my pages' content gone and I still don't know what their plans are.

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