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Overwhelming 27-02-2009 19:19

Bots in Adrenaline Gamer
Ok, first - sorry for my english.
Second - the bots are great, working fine... in HL.
But when I try them in AG the cfg files just don't work. The chatter and the main config... idk why, but.. that's pretty annoying. I mean.. AG is almost the same as HLDM, I'm not so stupid and I'm sure then I did everything right. Just.. I'm curious w(hy)tf I can't configure anything in AG...

ghost of evilspy 28-02-2009 09:36

Re: Bots in Adrenaline Gamer
Does AG show any kind of menu to players, when they join the server?

Overwhelming 01-03-2009 22:56

Re: Bots in Adrenaline Gamer
Well.. not exactly. Usualy it has a motd-like window, but I though it might be a problem, so I get rid of it. Now only when some1 (..a bot) joins it enteres first in spectator mode and it should use primary attack/jump or something to enter in the game. But if this was the problem they shouldn't even get in the game, right?
And again - sorry for my english.

ghost of evilspy 02-03-2009 20:01

Re: Bots in Adrenaline Gamer
Ah.. ok.

So when player/bot enters AG server, they are in spectator mode, right? But bots do not know about spectator mode, and don't know that they need to fire/jump/etc. Do they return to spectator mode after dying?

I'll make new version of jk_botti for you to test..

Overwhelming 03-03-2009 14:58

Re: Bots in Adrenaline Gamer
Well they enter in spectator mode only when they enter the server. After they die it's the same as in HLDM. But there's no problem with joining the server.. I mean.. they do something and get into play somehow, but none of the configs still doesn't do anything. I have changed them, but still everything works with the defaults..

ghost of evilspy 03-03-2009 21:46

Re: Bots in Adrenaline Gamer
ah! doh!

I should have read your message more throughtly :hammer:

How is AG installed on server? in separate directory next to valve?

Do you have configs in both valve/ and ag???/ directory?

unKn0wn 04-03-2009 16:25

Re: Bots in Adrenaline Gamer
Business is not in "fire/jump/etc". Boats work on Adrenaline Gamer MINI (there also to enter in a game it is necessary at first from spectate to go out pressure of fire/jump/etc) for me boats hurry, but there is other problem :)

Overwhelming 05-03-2009 00:14

Re: Bots in Adrenaline Gamer
Geez... I feel stupid. I didn't knew that they should be installed also in \valve. I had to try that... huh. Thanks, really.. now when I made the same configuration in \valve directory everything works just fine. Last time I tried them in HLDM and I liked them, but then i put them in \ag and left \valve with it's base configuration. My mistake... sorry for bothering you.

intelliq 06-06-2011 02:30

Re: Bots in Adrenaline Gamer
They do not work on my AG server. They load but then server crashes :death: within few seconds with this error:
"Tried to create a message with a bogus message type (0)"

(Bots do work brilliantly in regular HLDM, and Severarians.)

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