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Pierre-Marie Baty 27-10-2005 18:16

Parabot Reloaded
Note: Check out #9 for the code, #15 for a prelimiary Metamod port, #16 for full version of Parabot 0.91 (which contains other needed files).

It's Christmas time !

Look what I've found in my mailbox this morning :

Salut Pierre-Marie,

While browsing bots-united after all this time, I still found threads
with people asking for Parabot for the current HL versions - and you
hinting "If we just could patch the source" ;-)
There's a saying "You name it, you have it!" so here we go: I've
attached the latest snapshot of all Parabot source files. I think I've
changed some things since the release 0.91, but I've got no idea what
that was...
Anyway, do with it what you like, patch it, comment it, make it open
source... If you've got questions regarding certain parts of the code
ask me and I'll try to answer.

Best wishes,
...all this with the Parabot source code attached. 8)

First things first, I would like to thank Tobias for his generosity, and hereby ask this lazy bugger who dares to come and visit us without posting a single spam to do so A.S.A.P. Now what ? :D

Now, what to do. Parabot was one of - if not THE - best deathmatch bot for Half-Life. It hasn't been maintained for years, but is still kicking ass on some heroic servers. And now we have it's author's agreement to make it open source.

If someone is interested, I propose to do exactly what I did to the POD-bot source code. I make it a metamod plugin, I update the few things that need to be updated in it, I change one or two minor things here and there to make it run perfectly well on up-to-date Steam HL servers, and I hand it over to someone else under the name "Parabot Reloaded" (or any other name ;)) to continue Tobias' work. Candidate maintainers, be aware, it's no n00b code :)

3, 2, 1... discussion !

Whistler 28-10-2005 02:46

Re: Parabot Reloaded
That's good news :)

...and before that happens, here's a temporary workaround which makes Parabot works under Steam (and also fixed the single player HL bug):

Bluesman 28-10-2005 12:42

Re: Parabot Reloaded
Oh yes...this is great news!

Parabot was the best DM bot for HL!

I really hope some good coders will start working with Parabot Reloaded (hey, that is a great name PM :) )

@$3.1415rin 28-10-2005 16:06

Re: Parabot Reloaded
nice :)

MarD 29-10-2005 08:59

Re: Parabot Reloaded

Wow, sweetness! Looks like things at BU just keep betting better. :D

I hope a great coder takes the reins and does a great job of maintaining Parabot. And I agree with your idea PMB, sprinkling some of that metamod magic onnit would be great stuff cause then we could multi-bot it if we ever felt the need to. Btw, I also agree that that's a good name for this continued version of Parabot. :P

Tiggr 02-12-2005 12:34

Re: Parabot Reloaded

Has someone allread done same work? I would love to have Parabot back! (Cant' get it to work with HLDS 4111!)

If not, which other bot would you take? I like waypointless bots! ;-)


Pierre-Marie Baty 05-12-2005 05:51

Re: Parabot Reloaded
I know... Unfortunately I ran out of time to finish it, but things should go better next week. :/

ghost of evilspy 05-12-2005 19:30

Re: Parabot Reloaded
Hurray! Now I can stop coding my bot and wait for source release to make it compile under linux (unless you are already doing that too).

Pierre-Marie Baty 13-12-2005 16:04

Re: Parabot Reloaded
Well looks like I'm gonna have less and less time for this. And I don't want to do half baked stuff. So all I'm gonna do is upload the Parabot source code Tobias sent me and let whoever wants to do the job do it.

Perhaps that's what I should have started doing.

I'll post the URL when the source will be fully uploaded.

*edit* Here you go. And sorry for not having the time to do it.

ghost of evilspy 14-12-2005 19:04

Re: Parabot Reloaded
I started working on it. Then stopped, too much CBaseEntity stuff used and fixed mod-depend offsets for getting values from CBaseEntity. Can't make it work on linux which for I needed it in first place.

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