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The Storm 03-05-2009 18:00

Forum update
Hi folks,

Yesterday I suggested to Nova to update the forum, because it has been almost an year sinse the last update, there is a lot of security fixes released and we should apply them if we still want to see Bots-United forums alive. :)
The planned date is 16.05.2009.

However he also told me that I have to make a pool regarding the update, so here it is. Councils, do your vote. ;)

Ancient 03-05-2009 20:44

Re: Forum update
Although I'm not in the council, I believe an update is good.
Even though the forum isn't in it's golden age, there is valuable info here for visitors and members a-like.

Besides, the last-time we had a major forum update, there wasn't many problems.

Nova 04-05-2009 09:36

Re: Forum update
Second that !

Rick 06-05-2009 19:22

Re: Forum update
Sure...why not :)

The Storm 06-05-2009 21:21

Re: Forum update
Ok, poll confirmed, the update will be performed if nothing goes wrong. :)

The Storm 10-05-2009 21:16

Re: Forum update
Actually it goes wrong. :D
I can't contact Nova in order to install the update, it will be scheduled for other day...

Ancient 31-05-2009 19:13

Re: Forum update
Have you confirmed a date yet?
Spam bots seem to be getting through.

I'm sure there is a spam mod to not allow people to post for 30 minutes after account activation.

The Storm 31-05-2009 22:10

Re: Forum update
Sorry I can't confirm a date, I see Nova always away in ICQ. I'm writing to him but there is no respond so far...

mirv 01-06-2009 10:56

Re: Forum update
I think he's a bit busy with a few matters (i.e work) at the moment. He'll get around to it eventually.

Nova 02-06-2009 14:04

Re: Forum update
Nicely said mirv. Thanks a million. :D

Done now, vB -> 3.8.2 upgrade done. Templates need to be fixed (not my part) and the style probably needs to be fixed as well (pmb)


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