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Krillin 23-07-2008 07:48

3rd Party Bot for CSS? Why?

Originally Posted by Stephan
July 13th, 2008 .::[RCBot]::.

Since Half-life 2, or better said, Counter-Strike Source came out. People asked me if i would create a bot for it. At first i'd say "YES!" , but later I discovered that it is not that easy, and that other things asked more time from me then i'd imagined. In fact, i still lack a lot of time, but sometimes i just create time for RealBot related stuff these days.

Writing a bot for CSS is not easy. In fact, nobody did it before, it is still impossible for a third-party-bot developer to write a decent bot. However, one bot caught my eye as a platform to develop on. I mean, even though nobody did it before it does not mean nobody tried. RCBot did a good try, and the sad thing now, is that the bots don't spawn anymore. They surely did half a year ago (when it was released), but somehow the guys at Valve changed somehting, and the bot stopped working.

That will always be the sad side of the story for bot developers, the engine might change the rules and you'll have to fix it. But, for CSS not bot has been able to be really smart. I've already told you why, it is about weapon information for starters.
So why am i telling this, well i got the RCBot source compiled, it runs, and now i am eager to fix some bugs to make them run around in CSS again. Later i might find a way ( there are some unofficial ways) to get the weapon information and then there might be a third-party css bot possible.Who knows?

This is very true, since day one, Counter-Strike: Source is just like Condition-Zero, they have a built-in AI in this engine. And if you know what you are doing, you can make the bots, Babbie-Like, Easy, Medium or Very Hard. Not sure what is going to happen to the HL2 Source Engine when it is ported over to ORANGE-Box. :fuck-8:

Just makes me wonder where I am spending my money.:double fuck:


stefanhendriks 23-07-2008 08:04

Re: 3rd Party Bot for CSS? Why?

Just makes me wonder where I am spending my money

Just wondering, did you spend any money? ;)

I am not really confident about writing bots for CSS. It is more like that the concept has to be done first in order to motivate other bot codes to write bots for other mods on the Source engine.

Krillin 24-07-2008 00:41

Re: 3rd Party Bot for CSS? Why?
I have tons of money invested on both client and server sides. Computers is what I do for a career, and I get big $$$ for my time. I have been running servers for 10+ years. R&D for servers is nearing 300K and client side I have a better $700 in accounts to get my friends and family in playing these games.

It is going to be tough. As I mentioned, they are going to be moving the 'Source' engine to the Orange-Box but it is a matter of when.

However, you may want to consider plugging into Meta MOD Source, this way, they can figure out the engine and you just port the code as necessary as needed for MMS rather than the engine. They are using Python as the scripting language now as I have been told. I know nothing about Python myself.

Good luck,

stefanhendriks 24-07-2008 15:12

Re: 3rd Party Bot for CSS? Why?
I might ask again, where is this money you're talking about affecting our work?

I mean; you might be earning bucks with your servers and spend big time on it. We bot coders spent a lot of time (a LOT) for free, we do not charge a dime for anything.

Thats why things go so slow, if i were paid to be doing bot coding, i'd do a hell of a lot more.

Ancient 24-07-2008 20:17

Re: 3rd Party Bot for CSS? Why?
Maybe bot coders should have a donation center?
It would help give some incentive to bot coders and help gain more knowledge in the field of coding.

However, when recieving donations, bot coders will feel pressured and unhappy, even obligated to work on an old project that they want to give up on.

If bots-united can request donations, why not specific bot coders?
I would surely donate to KWo for his more than generous time that he has put in a bot that he later picked up.

However, starting in a new game with a source that hardly works would be a big challenge and time consuming. Trial and error is all you can do, and the time spent on making errors add up.

I thought Python was a web making language.... hmmm.. Seems that I must investigate.

Krillin 24-07-2008 23:39

Re: 3rd Party Bot for CSS? Why?
You misunderstood me Stephan. Running game servers is what I have done as hobbie for over 10 years now. I make ZERO dollars off my game servers. Just like you guys have done, I have everything just about down to a science. The 'monkey wrench' in all this was when I switched from Windows to Linux back around 3/2005. I have no regrets and have not looked back.

I earn my living keeping my clients networks and workstations running at their peeks. I am a Network Specialist by trade. So designing and implementing networks is a walk in the park for me. Which is why I run such good reliable error free servers.

But I am not hear to explain what I do. I am here to report a problem we are having with Realbot. But I need to start a new topic for that matter.

Also note as well. I would never profit off of something I never paid for. That is just greed at its worst. If that were the case, I would donate a huge portion to places that made the server possible. Like realbot, amxmod-x, superhero mod and meta mod. Just to name a few. I am not in this for money. I am in this for the gaming community and to give me a fantastic place to play in and share it with the world. Nothing more unless I am invested in on setting up a hosting center. I hope this clears some things up.

The figures I gave in an earlier post would be the cost had I had to pay someone like me to do all of what I have done in 10 years to get where we are today. But the client (Steam) side of this is actual. I have spent 700+ on steam accounts to get my friends and family in to this game mod. This I regret however. We should have stuck with Quake III and/or 4.


stefanhendriks 25-07-2008 08:29

Re: 3rd Party Bot for CSS? Why?
I understand now Krillin, thanks for clearing that up ;)

@ Ancient, there are numerous bot coders (atleast i do) who give you the ability to donate. Perhaps there should be one big button at BU to say " donate" as well, for the server and such?

There are tons of ways to this, if we had a new portal site for instance to clear stuff up. And if we had a real working source bot, and if we had more time :(

Krillin 25-07-2008 20:02

Re: 3rd Party Bot for CSS? Why?
I would love to donate to your development in this, but I feel your time is equal to or greater than my time and it more than I can handle. I would love to help you develop Realbot but with the high cost of living with the high cost of Fuel around these parts, it is hurting everyone and everywhere in every direction. (3.90 - 4.00 / gal. ) With these prices, it costs me 60 - 75 bucks to fill up the van I drive around for work. And with about 2 tanks a week, it hurts the wallet. I thought I actually heard my wallet cry for a doctor the other day because it bleed so much.

We'll see what time will bring.


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